Planning for an amazing holiday ? If yes, then Nainital is one destination you should look forward to. For people who are in love with the nature, landscapes and high altitude peaks, waters and the woods, Nainital is the best choice without any second opinion.

Nainital hosts a series of Adventure sports including river rafting, yachting, sky diving, para sailing, Canoeing, Kyaking, rock climbing, trekking, hiking and more. If you are looking for a weekend getaway, or a vacation spot, that’s not only going to rejuvenate your senses, but build loads of self confidence in you exploring the true potential within, your adventure destination has to be Nainital.

Talk about Sailing, loads of competitions are organized and hosted in the summers to promote this sport.  If you are looking to take a bird eye view of the mini paradise called Nainital, then paragliding in Naukuchiatal, Nainital is indeed the best choice. If you are interesting in a fierce encounter with Mother Nature then you can go for jungle camping in Naukuchiatal, Nainital. Camping in Nainital is a power packed package of various different activities like bird watching, flying fox, bouldering, trekking, slithering, yoga, hikes n more.

For those who are R&T (Rough and Tough) there can’t be anything but Rock Climbing in Nainital. This sport requires physical as well as mental strength and gives a hard time to the muscles and mind. Though, it is a sport that involves a lot of risks, having a good guide and following the do’s and dont’s can make it the most exciting and thrilling one.

Nainital offers many other super exciting adventures for the nature lovers with a difference, so get your trekking bags and head to the ultimate adventure destination, Nainital.

Paragliding in Naukuchiatal, Nainital

Are you looking forward to enjoy Paragliding in Naukuchiatal, Nainital ? If yes, then you are at the right place as we not only provide the best experience but also provide training and let you fly with the pilots who are best of the lot and have professional experience in Paragliding.

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Camping in Naukuchiatal, Nainital

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